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Monday, 23 March 2015

Health benefits of Sumac Tea/ Sumac-Ade / Lemonade Recipe

Health benefits of Sumac Tea/ Sumac-Ade / Lemonade Recipe

Do you know what sumac herb is? Can you eat Sumac, how to differentiate poisoned Sumac and eatable Sumac? What is Sumac drink recipe? 
Sumac benefits
Sumac drink belongs to Indian, American, Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Persian culture.Sumac is a reddish/velvet coarse spice and has tangy flavour. The herb had some good nutrients including Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Malic acid. The plant contains Calcium malate, Iodine, Gallic-acid-methylester, tannic Dihydrofisetin, Fisetin and gallic acids, Selenium, Tartaric-acid, and other beneficial minerals. Sumac is healthy and nutritious, and it’s used in folk medicine as well as modern medicine. It had Low calorie, reduces fat and carbohydrate. Mostly Sumac is used as a spice. Sumac fruits mostly used as a tonic to improve the appetite and it treats diarrhea. Its berries are astringent, Blood Purifier. They were chewed as a remedy for bed-wetting. Sumac aids in reducing fever. Sumac is good for arthritis, respiratory problems such as bronchitis, colds, skin inflammation, and flues.
Sumac juice is used to relieve stomach upset. A tea made from the berries has been used to treat sore throats.” Its seeds are effective against Aspergillus’s fungus which causes lung infection and other organs infection. this herb ripens in summer and people dried it and ground it to produce the spice. you can make an excellent and quite refreshing drink that’s just like lemonade but its casually called “Sumac-Ade.” you can drink it with grilled fish, Zaatar (wild thyme herbal mix), grilled meats and salads etc. here I am just going to share sumac tea /Sumac ade or drink recipe



ü      2 cones of freshly picked Sumac
ü      2 cups of fresh cold water

Sumac-Ade Preparation:

Chose ripen sumac, ripen sumac has a dark velvet color. Avoid taking Sumac cones immediately after rain since it tends to wash away the flavor. Remove small Sumac berries from the stems and place them in fresh cold water. Crush the berries with your hands for a couple of minutes, or you could alternatively put the mixture into a blender and let it blend away. Leave them in water about one or two hour depending on how strong of a flavour required. Now strain it by a cheesecloth mix sugar as per your taste. Drink is ready to serve cold with ice. Avoid hot water to prepare Sumac drink.

Sumac Names:

There are many other names of Sumac like: Elm-leafed Sumac; shumac ;gewürzsumach (German); Sicilian sumac; summaq (Arabic); somagh (Farsi); sommacco (Italian); kankrasing (Hindi);  soumaki (Greek): sumaq (Hebrew);; sumac (French), Somak (Turkish); zumaque (Spanish).

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