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Friday, 5 February 2016

Health benefits of wheat Daliya-Dalia or Bulgur

Health benefits of wheat Daliya-Dalia or Bulgur

Health benefits of daliya

Health benefits of Daliya

There are lots of health benefits of Dalia or bulgur which is known as Porridge in English .Daliya has lots of nutrition in it which makes it perfect diet. Dalia is goods source of fiber and manganese had low fat and calories. It provides protein and being low fat and calories food, daliya provides you important nutrients without adding up pounds into your body and getting fatty therefore daliya is a superb diet for people who wishes to lose weight. Turkish, Middle Eastern. Broken wheat or daliya is very good for digestive system and improves health of digestive tract. 

  • It has insoluble fiber that absorbs water and faster elimination of waste.
  • Dalia increase Hemoglobin
  • Daliya is good for Weight loss
  • Broken wheat or dalia is good for treating type 2 diabetes
  • Bulgur or dalia makes bones strong
  • Dalia is very good source of energy
  • Eating daliya can help in decrease breast cancer chances
  • Eating Daliya is good for cardiovascular system. it helps to decrease high blood pressure and high cholesterol  

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