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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Elaichi ka Sharbat (Cardamom Drink) recipe benefits

Elaichi ka Sharbat (Cardamom Drink) Recipe Benefits

Sharbat e Elaichi Receipe and Benefits
Sharbat e Elaichi Receipe and Benefits
Sharbat e elaichi is one of the favorite drinks to beat the summer heat and frequent thirst. It is excellent cooling drink for digestive system, kidney, heart, lungs, respiratory system and skin. It is blood purifier. Eating cardamom or drinking Elaichi Sharbat can help us for treating following diseases and medical issues:-

     ·        Sore Throat
·        Respiratory Infections
·        Bleeding disorders
·        Cough Cold and asthma
·        Bad breath
·        Excessive thirst
·        Throat irritation
·        Flatulence
·        Hiccup
·        Indigestion
·      Excessive urination, Urinary retention and Pus in urine
·        Heart diseases
·        Asthma

      ·        Heartburn and burning sensation in the abdomen and Stomachache

      ·        Leucorrhea
·        Nausea and vomiting

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Recipe of Cardamom drink or Homemade Sharbat Elaichi recipe

Sharbat e Elaichi or Cardamom Drink is very beneficial in summer season. with lemon juice it gives very unique taste and flavor while green color attracts eyes. 


Cardamom (elaichi/Ilachi  pod ): 50gram                               
Sugar: ¾ kg
Green Food Color: a pinch
Water: ½ kg
Lemon: ½ kg


Make cardamom (elaichi/Ilachi) powder. Cook cardamom powder in water until water remain half. Now add lemon juice in that and strain the water with strainer or cloth. Add sugar in the water and cook again. Cook the water and sugar on slow heat and stir frequently. When water started thicken, preserve the mixture in glass bottle or jar. You can enjoy cardamom drink by adding 2 tbsp of syrup in one glass water. Mix sugar and ice as your taste.

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