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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Health benefits of Choti Elaichi or Green Cardamom

Health benefits of Choti Elaichi or Green Cardamom

Health benefits of eating Elaichi
Health benefits of eating Elaichi 
Cardamom has numerous benefits. It is famous for its medical properties of treating digestive system, respiratory system, kidneys, skin issues, blood purification, recurrent respiratory infections, asthma, cough, cold, heart problems and a number of related diseases. The whole elaichi with seeds is used in making Cardamom (Elaichi) Sharbat and Tea. It is considered as digestive stimulant, Carminative and very aromatic. It is also used in various Indian and Pakistani dishes, recipes and ayurvedic medicines e.g. Sitopaladi Churna. Elaichi can be eaten directly, powdered form and as refreshing Elaichi drink. 

Health Benefits of eating Elaichi Cardamom or drinking Elaichi Sharbat

1.      Cardamom for improving blood circulation:

The surface or outer skin of Green Cardamom Pod is beneficial for improving blood circulation and blood purification.

2.      Mouth freshener or treating Bad Breath (Halitosis):

Elaichi is one of the best breath freshener and reduces bad breath.  It helps to fight against bacterial growth by chewing cardamom pods. Cardamom is good for dental hygiene. The essential oil present in the cardamom helps chronic bronchitis, Dry mouth, and chronic Inflammation of nasal mucosa, sinuses and throat.

3.      Excessive Thirst:

Sharbat E Elaichi is very good for control thirst and its drink can help for avoiding excessive thirst in Ramzan during fasting.

4.      Headache, Vomiting & Nausea:

Cardamom is very beneficial for treating nausea. Just eat cardamom powder for this.

5.      Sour Throat, Asthma & Heartburn:

Eating elaichi and drinking Sharbat e elaichi  is very beneficial for curing Sour throat, asthma and heartburn. Chewing cardamom can help for treating heartburn and sour throat.

6.      Digestive disorders and boosts immunity:

Elaichi is good for digestive disorders .Cardamom drink treats digestive disorder and increase immunity.

7.      Improve memory and brain health:

Chewing cardamom is good for brain health and improves memory.

8.      Pus in urine, Frequent Urination:

Cardamom is good for curing urination problems like pus in urine and frequent urination.

9.      Throat irritation, Cough, Common Cold:

Eating elaichi or drinking elaichi sharbat helps to avoid throat irrations,cough and cold.

10.  Leucorrhea:

Cardamom is ingredient of many ayurvaidic medicines used for curing women problems like leucorrhea and Bleeding disorders.

11.  Lungs health and helps to withdrawal of Nicotine:

Elaichi  is also Good for lungs and helps to withdrawal of Nicotine.

12.  Hiccup:

Cardamom is also used for Hiccup.

13.  Flatulence:

Cardamom is also used for Flatulence.

Elaichi/ Cardamom Plant

Elaichi Plant benefitsCardamom plant belongs to Herbaceous Perennial and commonly grows in India and Sri- Lanka. The plant has green leafy shoots having height up to 5 to 20 feet or about 10 meter. the plant has flower which become capsule like fruit which contains seeds and called cardamom which is common in spices for its aromatic properties.

Medical properties of Cardamom:

Elaichi has Antioxidant, Diuretic, Antitussive, Antispasmodic, Antiemetic, Expectorant and Antacid properties

Other Names

Botanically Elettaria Cardamomum, in English it is called  Cardamom is Green Cardamom, True Cardamom while Cardamom is also known as , Elachi ,ilachi,Chhoti Elaichi in Urdu and Hindi and Sanskrit Name is : Triputta , Ela, Sukhshamela,

click to read Recipe of Elaichi sharbat 

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