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Monday, 7 July 2014

Tips for getting naturally straight hairs

Tips for getting naturally straight hairs

Tips for getting naturally straight hairs
Do you want to get straight hairs naturally? If yes, then you can do this you can straight your hairs naturally and easily for this you never need costly products or saloon services. You just require some simple natural ingredient which works as natural hair straighter without damaging your hair. This method is also perfect because there are no risks of hair loss and hair fall.

Hot oil massage for straight hair

You can get naturally straight hair just warm your regular hair oil on low heat apply on hairs when it is little warm and massage your hair scalp with this oil for twenty minutes and comb your hairs systematically and orderly. Take hot towel cover your hairs with it for half hour. It is natural hair straightening technique for reducing hair waves and curls. This will supply dampness to your hairs follicles.

Wash with milk for hair straightening

Milk is natural moisturizer and helps in getting straight hair naturally. Take fresh milk mix with water in 2:1 ratios and put it in spray bottle. Spray on your hairs one hour before going to shower wash your hair with your regular shampoo you can practice this daily or thrice a week for getting straight hairs naturally.
home tips naturally straight hairs

Celery leaves for hair straightening

Celery leaves works as natural hair straightener and helps in getting straight hair. You can use them as bath cream for hairs. Take fresh celery leaves wash them and make paste with little water get extra water save it in bottle leave this for one night and apply on the hairs next day massage well on the hairs and scalps then wash hairs with simple water and apply shampoo and conditioner.

Lemon juice and milk

Take a glass of fresh milk add lime juice of two lemons mix well and put it in fridge to be set when the mixture become thick apply on the hairs massage well then comb your hair and cover with shower cap let your hairs to be dry when they dry comb your hairs and styled them according to your choice.


If you are trying these tips for getting naturally straight hair then use them regularly you can take gap if you are feeling that you have oily hairs because all these ingredients are natural moisturizer for hairs they helps to avoid split ends, dry and damaged hairs 

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